ERCHONIA THL-1 Handheld Laser
No feedback on this other than people like it.
iGrow Helmet.
We have 3 of these that we are willing to sell at a discount for anyone who wants to give us feedback and do youtube videos with this helmet. This helmet works like a night and day difference with the sticker. You will feel like you have tiny ants crawling all over your scalp by putting the sticker on it. It feels good actually. Buy one of these from me and I will throw in one that works 10 times as powerful as the sticker.
HAIRMAX Laser Comb.
This is the comb that has the market share. All I will say that it works and no one has had any negative feedback that has bought this.  Depending on your body ecology, this can be the perfect fit. Call to find out if we have stock on this laser. We aren't millionaires so we buy a few of every brand that we can afford and sell them at reasonable prices (or rent) if it is what people want and we have demos.
Revage 670.
If I could sell oen of these I would fly to Hawaii for a week!!!
Sunetics, Laser Paddle Brush ($780)
This is new. I do not sell these yet but have only heard good things.
Sunetics Clinical laser
If someone bough one of these from me I would probably would stay in Hawaii for two weeks.
LASERCAP ($3,000)
We do not sell this laser. Please go through the manufacture's physicians. This can only be sold through a doctor. We can only provide the stickers. 
Thera (multi laser), ($3,700).
This laser is the most powerful one. Just a few mv under the legal limit to sell.
We are getting a demo to test before we have feedback on this laser.
Update: I have had to take down my shopping cart for many of the products I sell because stores are complaining that I am selling too cheap and taking sales away from retail stores. I have decided not to put up a shopping cart and sell privately to each person over the phone and will either take orders by phone or send pay pal invoices. The problem started on, my main cold laser site. It sucks that I cannot run my business like I want. If anyone has any advice on how I can better run this site please let me know and I will be sure to make an equal energy exchange :)
You may call until 11pm, California time.  1-877-827-5493
We're open now.
... because every company is saying their hair laser is the best
We're open now.

The lasers below are the best sellers. In a nut shell, the most expensive lasers have higher total voltage that require it to be a medical device. If there is a laser not listed, please contact me so I can try to get the lowest price. I also offer discounts on demonstration models and financing.